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  1. A/B Testing your Flows

  2. Account Page Primer

  3. ActionSets

  4. Activating Campaigns

  5. Adding a Campaign Event

  6. Adding a Channel

  7. Adding a Telegram Channel

  8. Adding a Twilio Messaging Service

  9. Adding a Twilio Number

  10. Adding a Voice-enabled Nexmo Number

  11. Adding a Voice-enabled Twilio Number

  12. Adding and Updating a Contact Field

  13. Adding Audio to Play Message Actions

  14. Adding Contact Fields

  15. Adding Contacts to a Group

  16. Adding Credits

  17. Adding IVR to your Android Channel

  18. Adding Labels to Responses

  19. Adding Surveyors

  20. Adding, Editing & Prioritizing Contact Addresses

  21. Archiving Campaigns

  22. Archiving Messages

  23. Assigning Keywords to a Flow

  24. Blocking Contacts

  25. Calling a Webhook

  26. Can I use a dual SIM phone as an Android channel?

  27. Can I use TextIt for Voice (IVR)?

  28. Can I use TextIt in my country?

  29. Conducting a Pilot Test

  30. Conducting a Usability Test

  31. Connecting your Twitter Account to TextIt

  32. Contact Information Anonymization

  33. Create and Submit your Bot for Review

  34. Creating a Campaign

  35. Creating a Contact

  36. Creating a Contact Group

  37. Creating a Flow

  38. Creating a Follow Trigger

  39. Creating a Keyword Trigger that allows people to join a Group

  40. Creating a Keyword Trigger that starts a Flow

  41. Creating a Multi-Language Flow

  42. Creating a Surveyor Flow

  43. Creating a Twitter Workflow

  44. Creating a Voice (IVR) Flow

  45. Creating an Account

  46. Date & Time Arithmetic

  47. Deleting Contact Fields

  48. Deleting Contact Groups

  49. Deleting Events

  50. Deleting Messages

  51. Does TextIt have an API?

  52. Dynamic Contact Groups

  53. Editing Campaigns

  54. Editing Contact Field Values

  55. Editing Events

  56. Exporting a Flow

  57. Exporting Messages

  58. Expression Syntax

  59. Flow Types

  60. Function Reference

  61. How does TextIt decide which Channel sends a message?

  62. How does TextIt Store and Secure my Data?

  63. Ignoring Keywords while in a Flow

  64. Importing & Exporting Contacts

  65. Importing a Flow

  66. Integrate Zapier with your TextIt Account

  67. Integrating Using the External Channel API

  68. Introduction to Campaigns

  69. Introduction to Channels

  70. Introduction to Contact Groups

  71. Introduction to Contacts

  72. Introduction to Facebook Messenger

  73. Introduction to Flow Variables

  74. Introduction to Flows

  75. Introduction to Messages

  76. Introduction to Telegram Channels

  77. Introduction to the TextIt Surveyor App

  78. Introduction to Triggers

  79. Introduction to Twitter Channels

  80. IVR Flow RuleSets

  81. Labeling Messages

  82. Logical Comparisons

  83. Managing Opt-Outs on Twilio Channels

  84. Managing your Language Settings

  85. Managing your Timezone and Date Format Settings

  86. Message Content Basics

  87. Message Content Best Practices

  88. Multi-Tier Accounts: Child Accounts & Credit Distribution

  89. Multi-User Support: Adding, Editing & Removing Multiple Account Users

  90. Navigating the Flow Editor

  91. Organizing Flows with Labels

  92. Removing a Channel

  93. Replaying a Contact Recording

  94. Response Rules

  95. RuleSets

  96. Schedule a Message to be Sent Later

  97. Searching for Contacts

  98. Sending a Message to a Group

  99. Sending a Message to Someone Else

  100. Sending an Email

  101. Sending Messages with a Flow

  102. Setting a Contact's Preferred Channel

  103. Setting the Language for a Contact

  104. Setting your Contacts' Language Preferences

  105. Simulating an IVR Flow

  106. Sorting Contacts into Groups

  107. Split by Message Form

  108. Start a Flow after receiving a message not handled elsewhere

  109. Starting a Flow

  110. Starting a Flow in the future or on a schedule

  111. Starting another Flow

  112. Starting Someone Else in a Flow

  113. TextIt for Customer Service

  114. TextIt for Healthcare

  115. TextIt for Research and M&E

  116. TextIt for Retail

  117. TextIt for Transport & Logistics

  118. TextIt Variable Reference

  119. Tracking and Managing Opt-Outs

  120. Triggering a Flow When a Contact Initiates a Conversation

  121. Troubleshooting Protocol for Delivery Errors

  122. Using a Bulk Sender

  123. Using an Android phone as a Channel

  124. Using the Simulator

  125. Using the Support Widget

  126. Viewing and Exporting Flow Results

  127. Viewing Call Logs

  128. What are TextIt's Terms of Service?

  129. What is TextIt's Privacy Policy?

  130. What's the difference between @contact and

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