Adding Surveyors

Accounts that have purchased 100,000 or more credits may add additional users with varying levels of access

One of these users types is a SurveyorSurveyors may download the TextIt Surveyor application, gain access to an account using the account's password, and then run flows on behalf of the account.

Adding a Surveyor

There are two ways a Surveyor can gain access to an account: 

1. Anyone given a password can download Surveyor, create an account, and access Surveyor flows for the associated workspace. 

You can create a password for your Surveyor users via the User accounts link at the bottom of your account page. 

2. Surveyors can be manually added through the Manage Accounts  button that is displayed after clicking the User accounts for... link at the bottom of your account page. 

Once at the Manage User Accounts screen, simply enter the person's email address, select their User group and click the "Save Changes" button. 

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