Adding a Telegram Channel

You can add a Telegram channel just like you would any other channel: simply log-in, navigate to the Add Channel page and select the Telegram option at the bottom of the page:

You'll be asked to enter an authentication token from your Telegram Bot, which is provided after you create it in Telegram.

Follow the instructions provided to create your Bot. The first step is to find and initiate a conversation with the BotFather:

After initiating the conversation, send the /newbot command and give your bot a name. You can follow the link provided to give your Bot a picture and description. Then, plug the authentication token you're provided into your TextIt account.


Each link placed in a Telegram message is automatically expanded to that content or media. Here's an example:


Each time a new contact initiates a conversation with your Bot, they'll do so by tapping or typing the /start command*. You can assign an introductory workflow, e.g. a registration workflow, to your Bot by creating a 'start' keyword trigger.

Try it Out

We've created some TextIt Bots to demonstrate what's possible. You can interact with them by creating or opening a Telegram account and searching for Purrington, a Bot that provides facts about cats, or Snowman, a Bot that provides weather reports for the Northwest Washington area:

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