Using the Simulator

A important part of building something is testing it out. For this reason, we've included a simulator in the flow editor that allows you to test your flows from an end user's perspective - so you can quickly identify what works and what might need to be tweaked.

Accessing the Simulator

The simulator is accessed through the phone icon on the right side of the flow editor: 

Once clicked, the simulator will initiate the first step in your flow. The text in the orange boxes below represents the action log. The action log describes actions that occur within TextIt that aren't visible to the end user when interacting with a flow. The action log in the flow simulated below indicates that the following: 
  • the contact has entered the flow
  • the response Jane Doe has been assigned to the flow variable
  • the contact's name attribute has been updated from its previous value to Jane Doe via an Update the contact action.  
  • the response Dertu has been assigned to the flow variable @flow.village.
  • the contact's village attribute has been updated from its previous value to Dertu via an Update the contact action. 

Check out this short video to see it in action: 

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