TextIt for Healthcare

TextIt's SMS and voice tools are perfectly suited to enhance a variety of operations and procedures within the healthcare industry. 


Clients can leverage TextIt's API to integrate with a wide variety of EHR, SCADA or CRM platforms.

Use Cases - Notifications

Send one-way or two-way workflows to your staff, patients or technicians. Reach out to them through our platform with the information you want to share.


Leverage campaigns, a feature informed by our participation in a research study, to schedule messages or workflows around a date and time unique to each patient, such as an expecting mother's delivery date or a patient's surgery or treatment date.

Patient Alerts

Remind patients of their appointments and reduce no-shows, or send them test results and prescription reminders.

Technician Alerts

Send your technicians immediate alerts whenever the need arises. In a medical environment, our SMS workflows can ensure responsive and dependable service.

Staff Alerts

Notify all of your staff at once in case of emergency. Whether it’s an epidemic outbreak or a divisional crisis, our SMS and voice workflows ensure the right information is being sent and received.

Use Cases - Workflows

Interact with staff and patients. Provide a reliable SMS touchpoint via virtual mobile number or short code.

Staff Planning

Schedule staff or send out scheduling updates. Send out a workflow whenever a shift needs filling.


No-shows are time- and cost-inefficient. Reduce them by reminding patients of appointments and offer them the chance to reply when changes are required.


Facilitate remote patient-staff interactions through SMS workflows that connect patients with staff when they experience symptoms that require immediate attention.

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TextIt is used in a variety of medical contexts, including UNICEF's Polio-eradication initiative, Ebola response in West Africa, and maternity health reminders in rural areas. 

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