TextIt for Retail

Use Cases - Notifications

Send one-way messages to your customers with the information you want to share. 


Use TextIt to notify your customers of upcoming sales, new products or collections, updated hours and more. 


Send your customers special offers or vouchers for discounts on purchases.

Order Updates

Notify your customers each time their order status changes, or when an item they're interested in is back in stock. 


Keep your customers up to date on shipping details so they know when to expect their package. 

Use Cases - Workflows

Build workflows to interact with staff and customers on your behalf. Create a support pipeline to ensure they're able to reach you when they have an inquiry.


Build a workflow that invites your customers to special events and allows them RSVP by replying to your message.


Build a workflow that allows gives your customers the opportunity to win a prize by sending you a message. Reply to let them know whether they've won.


Build workflows that ask your clients for feedback on a variety of data points. Send them specific messages based on their history with your product or service, or their attributes. 

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