Sending Messages with a Flow

Send an SMS response is the action you'll use to communicate with your contacts with a workflow, allowing you to send them an automated message when they reach a particular step in a flow.

In the example below, we're creating a Send Message action that asks expecting mothers who have indicated this is their first pregnancy if they want to receive additional information throughout. Send Message actions, TextIt's default workflow action, are created each time you drag a connection from the red square at the bottom of each ActionSet or RuleSet.

SMS Character Limit

If a Send Message action exceeds 160 characters, it'll be split by carriers and sent as two messages. There's a character-counter beneath the dialogue box that shows how many characters remain until you've entered 160 characters. In the example below, the message contains exactly 160 characters.  

Note that it's possible to split messages that exceed more than 160 characters by adding an additional Send Message action containing any characters that remain after the 160 character limit has been reached. Also note that each SMS channel handles lengthy messages differently, so whereas a single long message might work best for Twilio channels, it may not for others. As always, you'll need to test and see ;)


Note that certain content will trigger your messages to be sent as Unicode instead of standard GSM7. SMS messages by default are 160 characters, but only if they contain the standard GSM7 alphabet. If you use characters outside this (e.g., the special quotes Word inserts into text), the message gets sent as Unicode, which changes the limit to 57 characters. 

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