Starting a Flow

In order for your contacts to interact with a flow, it must be started. A flow can be started in one of a many ways: 
  • You can manually start a flow at any time via the "Start Flow" box in the flow editor.
  • Your contacts can start a flow by sending a keyword trigger.
  • A flow can be triggered on a future date or on a schedule. 
  • A flow can be triggered by a campaign event. 
  • A flow can be triggered after missing a call.
  • A flow can be triggered after receiving a call. 
  • A flow can triggered after receiving a message not handled elsewhere
To start a contact or group in a flow through the flow editor:

(1) Navigate to the "flows" tab and click the flow you want to start. 

(2) Click on the "Start Flow" button in the top right portion of the flow editor.

(3) Enter the contacts or groups you want to start the flow, then click the "Ok" button to start them.


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